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Hello and welcome to Fist Slingers Boxing.

I’m Brown Enyi the coach and manager of Fist Slingers Boxing. In order for me to tell you about the club I think I should start with my story. I have had a fascination with boxing since the age of 5, the first time I saw a televised Muhammad Ali boxing match.  It wasn’t until 10 years later when I was 15 before I started to take formal instruction in the sport. I was fortunate to be taught by a former PNG National boxing coach.  With a few national champions in his stable I received a first class grounding in the basics.  I started competing in tournaments against boxers from other provinces.

Moving to Australia I continued my amateur boxing career in Queensland. My best achievements being 2 silver medals at 2 Queensland titles. I turned professional in 2000 and put together a respectable resume having fought the likes of Sakio Bika (former WBC champion), Gino Zampogna (former world kick boxing champion), and Paul Murdoch (former Olympic, and Commonwealth Games representative). During this time I was fortunate to work with world class boxers such as Paul Briggs and Anthony Mundine.

Nearly 30 years of involvement in boxing has given me an appreciation of the positive impact that boxing training can have in your life.  Most of us find ourselves in a rut.  A dreary monotonous routine of working, coming home, performing chores, eating and maybe watching some TV before going to bed, only to repeat this the following day. Those of you conscientious about your health they may have this routine broken up with some regular visits to a gym. But the fact is that after a while the goal of just training to stay healthy can become just another item on a “must do” list. Most gyms are “factories” where you’re prescribed some quantities of activities to do so you can lose weight, or get stronger. There’s usually little to no interaction between fellow clients. Essentially this journey is on your own and it’s boring.

Boxing is more than just exercise; it’s an experience where you and a group of other like minded people embark on a journey of self improvement. The coach is your guide and may offer assistance about what you’re accomplishing during the class. My philosophy is that everyone has the capacity to improve. By getting my students to focus on an aspect of skill, or conditioning and coaching them through their improvement of that aspect.  My clients generally feel encouraged as they start to notice how much better they are getting.

I invite anyone to take up boxing training. Whether man, woman or child boxing will have a positive impact on your life. Whoever you are Fist Slingers has the program to suit your ambitions, goals, and lifestyle. Please explore our Programs menu to see what we can do for you.


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No fancy equipment, just YOU, your DETERMINATION and your WILL.